Dating obsidian arrowheads

22-Nov-2017 08:45

I had pictured an arrowhead outline that would naturally correspond to the shape of the Yellowstone River from the Canyon Area to the put in below my chosen home of Brown, and then follow the complimentary section of Grand Loop Roadway mirroring the river and leading back to the Canyon.

When I excitedly unfolded the map my confidence was not shaken, but I realized that the arrowhead would need a little more work than imagined.

On the one hand it has been open to influences from outside where the sea was a highway of communication and transport, but on the other hand it could be completely isolated and developments on the island would take their own course.

Thus surprising similarities can be found with France, Spain, North-Africa and even the Middle-East but also periods of developments unique for Sardinia that are not to be found elsewhere.

Radiocarbon and OSL (optically stimulated luminescence) dates on the Beaumont/Prairie Formation range from roughly 28,000 to about 135,000 calendar years B. Mc Faddin Beach alone has produced more Clovis points than any single county in the state of Texas — over a hundred of them.

Its nearest competitor, Gaines County in west Texas, has less than a third as many known Clovis points.

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The past has been much determined by the fact that Sardinia is an island. The poem indicates that “the end is ever drawing nigh” (which it should when drawing the outline of an arrowhead counterclockwise) but the road turns right to bend around Roaring Mountain creating an aberrant bump in the arrowhead’s edge.