Validating your certificate could not be successfully completed

30-Jul-2017 08:08

In those cases, it is necessary to delete the Digi Cert High-Assurance EV Root CA.

If you are considering doing this, please note that in rare instances deleting the root certificate can have a negative impact on server stability.

The authentication with certificate requires the digital signature of an identication token.

Creating a digital signature requires up-to-date browsers and libraries for encrypting data.

When a Digi Cert High-Assurance EV Root CA root certificate is present in the root certificate authorities certificate store, Windows does not include the Cross-Signed certificate.Not all browsers are able to make such a signature.The following browsers are supported (other browsers may work but are not officially supported) : This library is used to digitally sign data, verify digital signatures, envelop data for privacy, hash data, encrypt/decrypt data and more.Technically, the SSL protocol provides an encrypted link between two parties, however in the eyes of the consumer, seeing the SSL padlock in their browser means much more: As well as ensuring that their details remain secure during a transaction, consumers also care whether the website they are dealing with is legitimate.

In order to solve the critical issue of identity assurance as well as information security on the Internet, the efforts of SSL Providers (Certification Authorities), consumer magazines and industry bodies have rightly resulted in the SSL padlock becoming synonymous with trust and integrity - factors consumers associate with being legitimate.

To confirm that you have this problem, use our online SSL Certificate Tester which works on all publicly-accessible sites.